Lawn Care Services St Albans and Harpenden 

Keeping your lawn looking its best and ensuring lawn care all year round is not an easy thing to do.  However, with Bamboo Lawn Care, keeping your lawn healthy,  weed-free and looking green and lush doesn’t have to be an impossible task.  Bamboo Lawn care services St Albans offers a professional, honest, independent, and cost-effective way to care for your lawn all-year round making weeds and moss a thing of the past.

Our comprehensive range of lawn care services includes:

  • Scarification – This important aspect of our lawn care service prevents and removes thatch and debris to improve lawn health.
  • Drainage ImprovementLawns with poor drainage often become waterlogged, leading to other complications for your lawns health.  
  • Aeration –  This allows better penetration of air and water to the root of the grass, which is an essential lawn care service for gaining the right nutrients to grow.
  • Overseeding – We will rejuvenate tired and worn out lawns, filling in damaged and thinning areas.  As a result the chance of weed and moss invasions will be greatly reduced because of improved sward density.
  • Mowing and Edging – Regular mowing of your lawn  is included as part of our lawn care service.  As a result your lawn will look in tip-top condition. Borders and edges can also be maintained and tidied.
  • Treatments, Fertilisers and Moss Control –  An all year round lawn care service to improve soil structure, remove moss and provide nutrients to stimulate growth, encouraging a healthier, greener lawn.  
  • Top Dressing – Our lawn care services build up and improve the quality of the existing soil, providing additional drought resistance and drainage.

Lawn Care services to treat stubborn weeds on drives and patios

Our Lawn care services don’t stop at the grass.  Recognising that weeds on your patio or drive can spoil the look of your outdoor space, we can include treatment of these at the same time as your lawn care treatment.  

All-year Round Lawn Care

Lawn care isn’t just a spring and summer job. Even though your lawn might get more use in those seasons, it’s important to keep it in good shape so it’s prepared for the cooler months too.

Whilst it’s important to scarify, aerate and feed your lawn for winter, the autumn brings other challenges for your lawn care.  Fallen leaves and debris can suffocate and weaken your lawn.  Using our lawn care services and seasonal garden tidy-up service will help to avoid this, keeping  your lawn luscious and ready to bounce back for the summer.

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